Student Support Services

School Based Counseling

Sandpiper is grateful for the grant funding from School Force and Sequoia Hospital that provides a full time counselor. Our full time counselor supports SEL through district sponsored programs, assemblies, lunch bunch, and (when needed) individual or small group counseling.

School based counseling is used for short term goals around skills students need to be successful in the classroom. School based counseling is not appropriate for long term therapy.

What if I think my student would benefit from School Based Counseling?

Your child's teacher is your best first contact. Please talk with them about your concerns. Teachers may make referrals to the counselor.

Multi Tiered Systems of Support 

At Sandpiper, we attend to the whole child. By working together to support our students' academic, behavioral, and social-emotional growth, we advance their love of learning, their ability to self-regulate, and their sense of well-being.

We use the framework of Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) to organize our collaboration and to leverage diverse resources for our school.

MTSS is a framework that challenges schools to:

Counselor's Corner

Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians, 

I am thrilled to be serving as the School Counselor at Sandpiper. My name is    Ms. Ramani, and it is my honor to be a part of this vibrant learning community.

As the school counselor, I am committed to fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment where every student feels valued and supported in their academic, social, and emotional growth. I believe in the potential of each student to achieve their personal best, and I am here to provide guidance, encouragement, and resources to help them thrive.

Please feel free to reach out to me at with any questions, concerns, or to schedule an appointment. I am here to support you and your child every step of the way.

Warm regards,
Anisha Ramani

Reading and Language Team

The Sandpiper Reading Team and Language Team Programs are a regular education program designed to give additional instruction and support to students acquiring English or striving to read at grade level. The curriculum used is Leveled Literacy Intervention by Fountas and Pinnell which is supplemented by Ready Common Core Reading Instruction and Ready Common Core English Language Arts.

Specific English Language Development Curriculum will be added in August of 2021

Reading Team Themes

Sea and Ocean Creatures and Books

Books are Treasures Waiting to be Discovered

Get Hooked on Books!

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

Main tenets of PBIS

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports require trust and communication across families, staff, and students. To set expectations, staff teach and model how to treat others with respect. We focus on proactive strategies for positive reinforcement and encouragement, including STAR Cards. Through this instruction, and through the inclusion of student voice and choice,  students learn the school expectations and are empowered community members. 

All BRSSD schools are committed to supporting students through proactive instruction, interventions, alternatives to dismissal, suspension or other sanctions that require removal from the educational setting.  This Safe and Supportive Schools Policy provides specific, tiered behavioral interventions and alternatives to suspension that shall be exhausted before referring a child out of the classroom except in cases of immediate safety threat or significant disruption that can only be remedied by removal.  Click here to view the BRSSD's Safe and Supportive School Policy.

Restorative Justice

Sandpiper School embraces the practices of Restorative Justice to cultivate a safe, healthy and inclusive school climate. Through ongoing professional development, teachers and administrators continuously practice and develop effective implementation of Restorative Practices.  Practices that focus on repairing the harm caused by actions and words are implemented as a means to teach students desired behaviors while maintaining their status in the community.  Community circles, restorative conversations and mindfulness are all implemented throughout the campus as we support students to positively contribute to school climate and culture. Restorative Justice maintains that those who have a stake in a specific offense must be involved in the resolution process to the extent possible. When guided by evidence-based practices, they can collectively identify and address harms, needs, and obligations in order to heal and make things as right as possible by resolving the conflict.  Misconduct affects victims, but it also impacts communities as well as the offenders themselves.

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