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This page is maintained by the Sandpiper School Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), 801 Redwood Shores Pkwy., Redwood City, CA 94065. Tax ID: 94-3268078


We hope all our Sandpiper families, and our entire Redwood Shores community stays safe, healthy and in good spirits during this time of uncertainty. This unprecedented situation changes daily, but now more than ever before our children deserve to know that no matter what is happening in the wider world their education is safeguarded and their community is protected. We're all realizing just how important our school community is.

Our SuperIntendents Messages relating to Covid-19 can be found here.

If you're an incoming family then rest assured that despite the turmoil you are joining a wonderful community. We want you to feel welcome. Our PTA won’t get your contact details until August so it’s important that you intentionally plug in. Please sign up for eNews (below) and read this welcome letter we have prepared for you.

Current Sandpiper families can learn more about our proposed PTA Executive Board for 2020-21 via Membership Toolkit (see below).

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Registered Sandpiper Families can join our exclusive community portal using Membership Toolkit to have access to:

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  • Back copies of eNews

If you are an incoming family you will need to wait until the new school year when you get your class assignment before you can join. You have full control over the privacy settings to reveal only the contact information they are comfortable sharing. Only one parent per family needs to sign up. You can use the desktop/web version or the mobile app.

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For questions, please contact the Sandpiper Directory Administrator:

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Now more than ever we need existing Sandpiper families to register as Buddies to those starting next school year. Our PTA wants to help!

You need to be a friendly face, answer questions and help plug new families in. We particularly need TK/K families as well as families that have a continuing 6th grader.

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about our PTA

We are the Sandpiper Community and we manage community events, programs and enrichment activity. What we offer is volunteer dependent. How effective we are is subject to the leaders we have in place. We need Executive Board leaders for 2020-21. Now more than ever our children need community. If you can help please let us know:

We are a members run organisation, operating in accordance with our bylaws and allocating funds based on the budget that our members have approved.

Our members make decisions by voting at PTA meetings. We have five a year. Everyone is welcome. These meetings are organized to transact PTA business and keep our community informed. You do not need to be a member of the PTA to attend meetings, but you do need to be a member to raise issues, take part in debate and vote on decisions. Meeting notices are sent out in advance to all those signed up to receive our eNews and minutes are always available - please contact our Membership Officer with questions.


The state funding of schools in California has been in a critical state for many years, and the impact of Covid-19 will financially hit our communities. We're all going to be asked to help. Future funding will be collected centrally via an Education Commitment Campaign managed by our District Ed-Foundation, SchoolForce which supports staff, science, music, art, athletics, technology, literacy and innovation. A centralized district funding solution eases pressure on groups of school volunteers to be the ones to meet vital educational needs. Our children need sustainable programs and we have to provide equality across the district. Now more than ever before our children deserve to know that no matter what is happening in the wider world their education is safeguarded and their community is protected.

In the last 18 years your donations to SchoolForce have kept your child's class sizes smaller than in other districts. Donations have subsidized in-class programs and helped to employ the quality teachers that we all value and appreciate, now more than ever.

Donations are completely voluntary and you shouldn't feel guilty about not donating. SchoolForce and PTAs exist to support every child.

california pta: FIND OUT MORE