Third Grade

Thundering Thirds

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Language Arts Overview

In third grade students will continue to build important reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in a variety of genres. In Reader’s Workshop they think, talk, and write about what they read in both fiction and informational texts with an emphasis on finding evidence to support their statements. Readers meet in book clubs to share ideas and build on the ideas of others. In Writer’s Workshop students are asked to pay close attention to organizing information, developing ideas and supporting these ideas. Grammar and spelling are addressed in Skill block and their writing.

Genres of Reading Study Include: Mystery; Informational; Poetry; Traditional Literature; Realistic Fiction and Biographies.

Genres of Writing Study Include: Narrative; Informational; Persuasive/Opinions; Poetry

Math Overview

Students will continue building on their concept of numbers, measurement, fractions, geometry, operations and algebraic thinking. They will learn and understand the concepts behind multiplication and division within 100; memorize all single digit facts; know a variety of methods for computation problems and explain the reasoning of each; understand the commutative, associative and distributive properties of multiplication; apply problem solving skills and strategies to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; round whole numbers to the nearest 10 or 100; understand fraction placement on a number line and comparing the size of fractions; calculate perimeter and area; identify similar and different properties of quadrilaterals. Students will work one these concepts through number talks, centers, problem of the month and other problem solving activities, mental math skills, and games as part of the

Special Days and Projects

Projects include: Piperville, Biography Wax Museum; Salt Dough Relief Maps; Biome Posters