Homework Guidelines

Homework Guidelines

Homework is part of a student's educational experience. Homework assignments are designed to give students additional practice in the skills and concepts learned in the classroom and to extend and enrich their classroom learning. A variety of assignments may be given, including pencil and paper activities, journal writing, reading, observations, interviews, illustrations, and constructions.

Homework helps children develop self‐discipline and time management skills. Therefore, the student should assume primary responsibility for completing his or her homework. Parents can assist their child by planning for a regular homework time and a quiet, consistent work area with necessary supplies. Students are encouraged to discuss homework assignments with their parents. Explaining the assignment reinforces the classroom learning and keeps the parent informed of the classroom program. If the child is unable to complete the homework assignment independently or if the parent has homework concerns, the classroom teacher should be contacted.

Homework is generally assigned Monday through Thursday, depending on the grade level. It is not assigned during designated religious holidays or when important class or school activities are planned. Long‐term projects may also exist, in addition to daily assignment expectations.

The following are suggested time frames for homework by grade level:

Grades 1 and 2 10‐20 minutes per night

Grade 3 20‐45 minutes per night

Grades 4 and 5 30‐60 minutes per night

Grade 6 through 8 45-60 minutes per night

(PLEASE NOTE: These time frames do not include the 15-20 minutes per night that each child throughout all grade levels is expected to commit to reading, either independently or from reading aloud with a parent).