Fourth Grade

Fabulous 4th Grade

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Reading Workshop – Students in 4th grade explore a variety of genres in the reading workshop. (Realistic and historical fiction, non-fiction and informational) Students engage in book clubs and partner and independent reading with a focus on reading for meaning.

Writing Workshop – Students write personal narratives, opinion pieces, poetry, and research papers. Students use all stages of the writing process – pre-writing, drafting, revising and editing to produce clear, coherent writing.

Social Studies – The focus of social studies in 4th grade is California History. Our field trips support our social studies curriculum; we visit Sanchez Adobe, San Juan Bautista and Roaring Camp as well as an onsite field trip, “Walk-through California”.

Health – We use the Great Body Shop curriculum.

Math – We are using the engageNY curriculum, for complete details see their website:

Module 1 – Place value, rounding, algorithms for adding and subtracting

Module 2 – Unit conversion and problem solving with metric measurement

Module 3 – Multi-digit multiplication and division

Module 4 – Angle measure and plane figures

Module 5 – Fraction equivalents, ordering and operations

Module 6 – Decimals/Fractions

Module 7 – Exploring measurement with multiplication