Sandpiper School benefits from outstanding community support. Volunteers contribute to our academic programs, our classrooms, and student enrichment. We encourage families and community members to contribute their interests and expertise to our school. Volunteering is a great way to give back, to meet new people, and for parents to see their children in action at school. There are lots of ways to get involved for people with a variety of interests and schedules. Most volunteer roles are 1-2 hours a month, many are for work needed to be done out of school hours.

All volunteers are required to complete a Volunteer Clearance Form and all necessary clearance(s). Click here for more information.

You can sign up to volunteer for the 2019-20 year here.


There is enormous value for our children when volunteers choose to help because they care. Our activities are run by volunteers who give their time, passions and skills. Volunteers play a vital role at Sandpiper and go through a district clearance process before being authorized to volunteer. In order to foster a safe and respectful learning environment for all children and staff, and to make the most of your time and expertise, volunteers and school staff are asked to adhere to the following rules:

All: Be a role model for all students by following our school-wide expectations and demonstrating respect, responsibility, and safety at all times.

Volunteers: Enter campus through the front office. Check in with the front office staff and obtain a visitor's badge.

School Staff: Welcome volunteers, ensure they are cleared, provide a badge, direct them to the appropriate area.

Volunteers: Support the work and decisions of classroom teachers and school staff. Address concerns and ask questions when students are not present. Protect the privacy of students and honor confidentiality.

School Staff: Communicate with volunteers. Protect the privacy of students. Keep confidential information out of view and earshot of volunteers. Use discretion about potentially sensitive matters.

Volunteers: Participate in safety drills and procedures that take place while you are on campus.

School Staff: Be ready to guide both adults and students to follow emergency procedures.

Volunteers: Use bathrooms designated for adults while on campus.

School Staff: Direct volunteers to the closest bathroom designated for adults.


Please keep track of the time you volunteer at the school. In order for the Sandpiper PTA to be a non-profit organization, our PTA Historian tallies all volunteer hours and reports them to the California State PTA. Thank you in advance for all your time and effort!

Coming soon: Link to report your hours.

Why Track Hours:

PTA collects volunteer hours for several important reasons below:

  • The California State PTA requires the PTA to file annual reports in accordance with unit, council, and district PTA bylaws.
  • The IRS requires volunteer hours reporting to maintain the PTA's federal tax exemption status. An organization with nonprofit charitable status must receive one-third of its support from the general public to maintain the status. The IRS takes these numbers and annually evaluates and attributes a specific dollar value to the volunteer hours donated.
  • The total number of volunteer hours can help the district and schools to qualify for grants because the hours indicate the extent of parent involvement and commitment.

How to Report Hours:

On the day you volunteer, please sign in and out at the PTA volunteer binder, located in the main office. If you are a new volunteer, the office staff will ask you to identify yourself. You will be asked to wear a badge to identify you to students and staff on campus as a registered visitor and volunteer. This is for everyone's safety.

What Hours to Report:

Every minute counts! Please record the hours spent on any PTA organizational work and services to the students, including:

  • Events: Includes time spent planning and/or participating in the events.
  • Community Relations: Website, technology, newsletters.
  • Curriculum Enhancement: Art in Action, Book Fair, Discovery Day, etc.
  • Enrichment: We deliver enrichment programs at Sandpiper because we recognize that the intellectual, social and emotional growth of our children doesn't end when the school bell rings. We recognize that there is enormous value for our children when volunteers choose to give their time and share their skills because they care. Less than 2% of our total PTA income is allocated to enrichment. It's the time our volunteers dedicate that makes the impact!
  • Parent/Teacher Connection: Room parents, classroom and field trip volunteers, PTA membership, PTA directory, Yearbook, Hot Lunch, Staff Appreciation, etc.