School Supplies


Yearly we ask each family to donate $50 per child to the Sandpiper School Supply Fund. We will provide each teacher the supplies needed to best support the programs and activities for each individual classroom.

Here is whey this is a win-win:

  • No trips to the local office supply store at the beginning of the year
  • Each teacher will have his or her unique classroom supply needs met
  • Sandpiper has access to school supply catalogs, allowing us to buy in bulk at a significant discount

We want to emphasize that this $50 is completely voluntary as all California students are entitled to a free education, including associated materials, supplies, and equipment. However, your donation will significantly reduce the financial impact upon our school. It will also ensure our teachers have their supply needs met and can provide the highest quality education possible.

The contributions you provide will go toward supplying all Sandpiper students with their school supplies for the current school year.

School Supply Donation Letter.pdf