Parking Lot Safety

The morning can be a hectic time of day and we have hundreds of students being dropped off at around the same time. We have observed many unsafe unloading practices, such as students being dropped off in the middle of the drop off lane in front of moving cars and exiting the car into lanes of traffic.

In order to address parking lot safety and efficiency of the drop-off lane in the morning, please follow these procedures:

  1. Pull all the way forward to the next available drop off space. You will notice orange cones with numbers along the curb delineating spots for cars to pull up. Pull up all the way to the next available spot and line up the nose of your car with the orange cone.
  2. STAY IN YOUR CAR. The drop-off lane is for students who can easily exit the car with their belongings. If your child needs your assistance in getting them out of car seats or taken items out of the trunk, we kindly ask that you park your vehicle and not use the drop-off lane.