Behavior & Student Discipline

All BRSSD schools are committed to supporting students through behavior interventions and alternatives to dismissal, suspension or other sanctions that require removal from the educational setting. This Safe and Supportive Schools Policy provides specific, tiered behavioral interventions and alternatives to suspension that shall be exhausted before referring a child out of the classroom except in cases of immediate safety threat or significant disruption that can only be remedied by removal. Click here to view the BRSSD's Safe and Supportive School Policy.

Sandpiper School's General Procedure for Dealing with Problem Behaviors

Behavior Response Flow Chart

Every school site has worked with their staff and community stakeholders to create a behavioral flow chart to indicate which issues are classroom-managed versus office-managed. In conjunction, each school site has created a Discipline Matrix and that provides evidence-based supports and interventions that can be used to address unwanted student behaviors in a productive and educational manner. Please refer to Sandpipers PBIS Handbook for more specific information.

Minor-Major Definitions rev 6-15

Office Discipline Referrals (ODRs)

When reviewing an Office Discipline Referral, the principal or admin designee will seek to understand the facts, hear the perspectives of involved parties, and minimize disruption and loss of instructional time. When determining what supports and consequences are needed, the principal or designee will follow these steps:

  • seek to foster reflection and build empathy
  • guide students to learn how to repair harm
  • reteach the student expected behavior(s) and provide supports for greater self-control and independence
  • issue logical disciplinary consequences in a progressive discipline manner
  • return the student to the classroom as quickly as possible
  • inform staff and parent/guardian with either a phone call or in-person conference, depending on the severity of the offense
2019-2020 Office Discipline Referral

Although it is rare, there are some instances where a suspension is warranted. A pupil shall not be suspended from school or recommended for expulsion unless it is determined that the pupil has committed a suspensionable act. Also, suspensions shall only be imposed when other means of correction fail to bring about proper conduct. Please visit California Ed Code sections 48900 - 48927 for more information.