We deliver enrichment programs at Sandpiper because we recognize that the intellectual, social and emotional growth of our children doesn't end when the school bell rings.

How does it work?

PTA Enrichment

Our parents donate their time and skills to enrich our students education. Our members approve a modest budget to cover the cost of expenses and students are not charged for taking part. Parents interested in creating enrichment submit a proposal. Our offering is volunteer dependent. We promote all enrichment in our PTA eNews so everyone gets a chance to sign up at the same time. When an enrichment program makes a surplus through PTA ticket sales all profits come back into our PTA budget.

If an enrichment program is school or PTA-led:

  • The organizers don't pay rent
  • It's open to any student, regardless of ability to pay
  • Donations can be solicited, but no (required) fees
  • The PTA/School District is responsible for ensuring that the program is accessible and compliant

The list of PTA organised enrichment is below:

PTA Enrichment 2018-19

Vendor Led Programs

Our school organizes private vendor programs that we advertise to our community through our PTA eNews. In these cases the costs are met by the students who take part. Since the PTA does not endorse these programs families should research these activities and services before enrolling their children. For a list of vendor based enrichment please refer to back copies of eNews or ask our Enrichment Chair.

If an enrichment program is offered by an exteral vendor or sponsor:

  • They pay rent
  • They can limit participation
  • They can charge fees (though we can encourage them to offer scholarships or discounted rates)
  • The outside vendor/sponsor is responsible for ensuring that the program is accessible and compliant.

What skills can you share?

Our PTA wants to deliver grade wide enrichment at Sandpiper and needs your help! We are looking to create new enrichment clubs for our younger grade levels across any type of topic that you have an interest in or passion for. If you want to lead a short term enrichment (8-10 weeks) to improve our children’s lives please let our Enrichment Chair know. If you’d like to volunteer with an existing enrichment program to learn more about how enrichment at Sandpiper works we’d love your support.

Questions? Contact our Enrichment Chair here.