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This page is maintained by the Sandpiper School Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), 801 Redwood Shores Pkwy., Redwood City, CA 94065. Tax ID: 94-3268078


PTA is our school community. Most of the money we raise pays for classroom materials, assemblies, music for lower grades and school equipment. Almost 22% of our funds pay for field trips. A third of our income is used to run community building activities, delivered by volunteers who last year donated more than 16,000 hours of their time. More than 300 of us helped to create school socials, environmental learning, a garden club, a multicultural event, a science fair, a discovery day, a talent show, holiday celebrations, a book fair, an end of year luau and enrichment activities that included robotics, chess club, melody mentors, national history day, book clubs, yoga, mindfulness and mock trial. There is enormous value for our children when volunteers choose to help because they care. Quite simply, you can't write a check and expect a community - you have to be a part of it to help make it happen.

If you’re a new family who will be joining our community then we especially welcome you!

Back copies of eNews from this year are listed below.


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Check out a helpful information flyer about our PTA here

Check out the school calendar for 2019-20 here

Download the draft PTA Calendar below

If you're a new family be sure to sign up for a Buddy Family if you don't know anyone in the community, sign up for our eNews and start the volunteer clearance process (below)

The next eNews will be issued on August 15th

In August we will post information here about what volunteer programs you can help with


If you're new our hope is that you are made to feel welcome as early as possible. If you are new to the area register for our Buddy Program so we can match you with an existing Sandpiper family to ease your transition into our community. You'll be matched over the summer. Email Shelley for more information.

Get a Buddy Family here.

Be a Buddy Family here.


Issued 1st/15th of every month

First edition 2019-20 will be on August 15th


June 23rd Incoming TK/K Family Playdate at Marlin Park Playground: 3pm-5pm (Email for more information)

July 20th Incoming TK/K Family Playdate at Marlin Park Playground: 10am-12pm (Email for more information)

August 17th Incoming TK/K Family Playdate at Sandpiper East Playground: 10am-12pm (Email for more information)

August 19th 6th Grade Social and Orientation12:00–2:00pm (Email with questions)

August 19 Welcome Back Popsicles for everyone! 4:30 – 6:30pm on campus (class lists will be posted by ID number)

August 21 First Day of School – Minimum Day


If you've not already been cleared to volunteer in our district you can start the process here.

Our aim is to have every family at Sandpiper sign up to help with an activity. Contact us if your family could lead one of these programs:

Sandpiper Family Movie Night

We're looking for a team to introduce this event where we rent a big screen on the field, and bring our chairs, blankets and popcorn!

Robotics Program

We need someone to help co-ordinate this and manage our Annual Tournament!

Calling the Father Figures in the Family!

Our Dads could use a hand organizing fun socials for the father figures in our community including our campus breakfast with All Pro Dads - who we partner with for this event.

eNews Editor

We would love to recruit a co-editor to get the eNews out on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Bike Rodeo

We would like to continue to run this event where we promote safe riding habits and arrange free bike tune ups.

Mileage Club

Principal Moore helped us kick off this new Wednesday morning enrichment but we need a team to keep it 'running'

Lost & Found

Is someone on campus regularly enough that they could be our Lost & Found co-ordinator? Help us keep the clothes hung up and remind families to collect missing items before we donate them at the end of each term.

Discovery Day

We already know that if we want to run it again we will need a new team for 2020!

Opening Doors PTA

If anyone is already connecting with the Opening Doors PTA they could be a liaison for our community, helping spread the word about events and programs.

Reading Power Helpers!

Our school raised over $85,000 for SchoolForce this year through this school-wide read-a-thon! We need some families to help out again next year, providing as little as a few hours to cut out shapes or help count minutes read by students! Many hands make light work!


Our PTA members make decisions relating to PTA business at General Association Meetings. Everyone is welcome! These meetings are organized monthly to transact PTA business and keep our community informed. You do not need to be a member of the PTA to attend meetings, but you do need to be a member to raise issues, take part in debate and vote on decisions. You can join our PTA during the August registration process. Meeting notices will be sent out in advance to all those signed up to receive our eNews and minutes are available for our members - please contact our Membership Officer. Meeting dates are available on the PTA Calendar below.


State funding of schools in California is in a critical place. In 2001 a failed parcel tax bill threatened to remove libraries, music lessons and reading specialists from our curriculums. With the 8 PTAs in the district all wanting to help but having restricted remits to do so, a group of parents responded by creating a district wide Education Foundation called SchoolForce.

In 17 years your donations to SchoolForce have kept your child's class sizes smaller than in other districts. Donations have subsidized in-class programs and helped to employ the quality staff we all value. They fund art, science and music, reading and library specialists, school counsellors, a STEM teacher, middle school sports and ongoing technology costs. Our PTAs have graudally been reducing their annual ask in order that SchoolForce be the primary fundraising platform because we recognize that a centralized fundraising foundation is the best way to achieve efficient, district wide, sustainable educational excellence.

PTAs are community builders and we're good at what we do because we are the community! We run a 'write a check' campaign at the start of the school year (during the Infosnap online registration process that happens in August). This is the only time we ask for money. The donation request for the 2019-20 school year will be $250 per student which is a 14% reduction on what we asked for last school year.

Although everyone is asked to contibute, donations are completely voluntary and you shouldn't feel guilty about not donating. SchoolForce and PTAs exist to support every child. If your company matches your donations please let us know:

Volunteers make a difference to the education of our children, because they care. This is a great a way to build community and teach our children how to make a difference to others. Most of us are working parents. You shouldnt feel guilty if you can't give a lot of time. There are ways to help from behind your work desk or at home in the evening by giving as little as an hour a month.


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