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This page is maintained by the Sandpiper School Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), 801 Redwood Shores Pkwy., Redwood City, CA 94065. Tax ID: 94-3268078


Thank you for supporting Sandpiper PTA.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit association, run as a members organization to deliver community at Sandpiper. It means we are all volunteers, serving every child, where membership gives us a voice at meetings and where our affiliation to the National PTA makes us strong advocates for public education.

Thank you to all the families who help make this a great community! There are many of you giving your time - parents, family members and staff. The way we have achieved a strong sense of community at Sandpiper is by building a community which cares for each other and offers support to all.

Louise Griffin, Sandpiper PTA

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Registered Sandpiper Families can join our exclusive community portal using Membership Toolkit to have access to:

  • A School Directory
  • A combined PTA/School Calendar
  • A platform for back copies of eNews
  • PTA Enrichment
  • And much more to come....

Parents have full control over the privacy settings to reveal only the contact information they are comfortable sharing. Only one parent per family needs to sign up. You can use the desktop/web version or the mobile app. It is designed to build a stronger community, connect you with other families, search through back copies of eNews and more.

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For questions, please contact the Sandpiper Directory Administrator:


Back copies of eNews are available via our School Directory - limited to Sandpiper families

PTA Calendar

The complete PTA calendar is available via our School Directory - limited to Sandpiper families

Purchase your 2019-20 Sandpiper yearbook or go to and enter our school passcode: 1013053129843347.

Questions? Contact parent volunteer Nina Kirz


Join our PTA here.

Our members make decisions relating to PTA business at General Association Meetings. Everyone is welcome! These meetings are organized monthly to transact PTA business and keep our community informed. You do not need to be a member of the PTA to attend meetings, but you do need to be a member to raise issues, take part in debate and vote on decisions. Meeting notices will be sent out in advance to all those signed up to receive our eNews and minutes are available for our members - please contact our Membership Officer with questions. Meeting dates are available on the PTA Calendar.

Further information is available via our School Directory - limited to registered Sandpiper Families


State funding of schools in California is in a critical place. In 2001 a failed parcel tax bill threatened to remove libraries, music lessons and reading specialists from our curriculums. A group of parents responded by creating a district wide Education Foundation called SchoolForce.

In 17 years your donations to SchoolForce have kept your child's class sizes smaller than in other districts. Donations have subsidized in-class programs and helped to employ the quality teachesr we all value. They fund art, science and music, reading and library specialists, school counsellors, a STEM teacher, middle school sports and ongoing technology costs. We are moving towards a one-ask fundraising campaign where all donations in our district will be collected by SchoolForce because we recognize that a centralized fundraising foundation is the best way to achieve efficient, district wide, sustainable educational excellence. Sandpiper PTA is pleased to be supporting this initiative.

Donations are completely voluntary and you shouldn't feel guilty about not donating. SchoolForce and PTAs exist to support every child.

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