City of Redwood City


797 Redwood Shores Parkway, Redwood City, CA 94065

PH: 650.780.7323


Monday - Thursday 12:00pm-8:00pm

Friday 10:00am-6:00pm

Available Saturday & Sunday for Rentals

Need Aftercare for the 2018-2019 School Year?! We’ve got you covered!

City of Redwood City’s T-KPlay for Pre-Kinders

Monday-Friday, 12:30-2:30pm


Pre-Kindergarteners! Now is your chance to experience your OWN fun afterschool club! Play games, make crafts, work together and get your energy out! Our experienced recreation staff will pick children up from class daily and escort them to Sandpiper Community Center. This program will run prior to Sandpiper Youth Club from 12:30-2:30pm. Those children in need of childcare until 5:30pm may register for the Sandpiper Youth Club. Come play!

City of Redwood City’s Kinder Bridge Care

M, T, TH, F 1:30-2:30pm

W 12:30-2:30

Registration begins Monday, JUNE 4TH AT 9AM on a first come, first serve basis. SPACE IS LIMITED.

To register, please visit

Kinder students enrolled in our bridge program will be picked up from their classrooms and escorted to the community center daily by our experienced recreation staff members. This bridge hour will include an afternoon snack and age appropriate activities for our kinder friends to participate in. Children registered in the Sandpiper Youth Club will continue on for aftercare at 2:30pm.

*Kinder Bridge accommodates all 12:30pm early release days.

City of Redwood City’s Sandpiper Youth Club

M, T, TH & F 2:30-5:30pm

W: 12:30-5:30pm

* Game Room is available for kids to hang out until 6pm at no extra charge.

Registration begins Monday, JUNE 4TH AT 9AM on a first come, first serve basis. SPACE IS LIMITED.

To register, please visit

New: The Sandpiper Youth Club is now accepting incoming Transitional Kindergarteners and 6th-grade students!

If you are seeking afterschool care and want your child to participate in a fun, safe and supportive afterschool program, then SYC is for YOU! We’ll play games and sports, create arts and crafts, cook, learn life skills, participate in weekly clubs of your child’s choosing, have special visitors and more! Children will also have homework time during the program. Sandpiper Youth Club staff are courteous, professional and most important…fun!

Check out TK-Play, our Pre-Kinder version of SYC for similar activities tailored to the younger set.

Sandpiper Game Room Membership

7th-8th Grade

M, T, TH & F 2:30-5:30pm

W: 12:30-5:30pm

$25 membership fee

Attention 7th-8th grade students! Need a fun place to hang out after school? Sign up for a Sandpiper Game Room membership and spend your afternoons playing pool, foosball, video games, using our computer lab or just hanging with friends.