We deliver enrichment programs at Sandpiper because we recognize that the intellectual, social and emotional growth of our children doesn't end when the school bell rings. We recognize that there is enormous value for our children when volunteers choose to give their time and share their skills because they care.

We don't spend big budgets on PTA enrichment. Infact less than 2% of our total PTA income is allocated to enrichment. It's the time our volunteers dedicate that makes the impact!

For a current list of enrichment programs please log into Membership Toolkit (access to Sandpiper Families only)

PTA Enrichment means:

  • A program is run before, during or after school (not during class time)

  • It's run by volunteers (usually parents) who are not reimbursed for their time

  • These volunteers don't pay rent for the space they use

  • It's open to any student (classes might be capped by size or focused on age range)

  • Donations can be solicited, but are not mandatory

  • The PTA/School District is responsible for ensuring that the program is accessible and compliant

  • Our members approve a modest annual budget to cover the cost of expenses

  • Parents interested in creating enrichment submit a proposal that the PTA approves

  • Our offering is volunteer dependent

  • We promote all enrichment in our PTA eNews so everyone gets a chance to sign up at the same time

  • We present updates on enrichment plans at our PTA meetings.

Enrichment is volunteer dependent - we would love to deliver grade wide enrichment at Sandpiper but we can only do that with your help! If you have a skill or passion you want to share, and you can lead a short term enrichment (4-6 weeks +) please let us know .

Vendor Led Programs

Our school organizes private vendor programs that we advertise to our community through our PTA eNews. In these cases the costs are met by the students who take part. Since these programs are fee based they are not PTA enrichments. Vendors will pay rent and are responsible for ensuring the program is accessible and compliant. The PTA does not endorse these programs so families should research these activities and services before enrolling their children. These programs are always advertized in eNews. The Redwood City Community Center on our campus also offers a number of vendor led programs.