Community Flyers


As a school, we communicate about school events, PTA events, and student enrichment programs.

Groups, organizations, non-profits, and companies that want to promote an event or a program are required to go through the following process before emailing or linking any information to our students, families, or PTA.


1. Please submit flyers you would like to distribute to Please do not distribute your flyer until you receive notification of approval by the district office staff members who monitor submissions.

2. All flyers, once approved, are able to be viewed at the following link.

3. In addition, approved flyers can be viewed by navigating to, clicking "Explore BRSSD", clicking "Programs", and clicking "Student Enrichment Activity Flyers".

4. For banner approval, please email a picture of the banner you would like to hang on the school fencing to and for review. Please do NOT hang your banner until you receive notification of approval, at which time the school site administrative assistant, Ms. Carmen Rogers, will be notified of the banner approval as well. You will be guided to check in with Ms. Carmen Rogers for the location to hang the banner and the date you will need to remove the banner if you would like to have it back. Bring your own zip ties.

5. Please remove your banner by the designated time. All banners that are not removed by the specified date will be recycled.